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Wolf Appliance Company Introduces Dual Fuel Range

Madison, Wisc. (November 13, 2002) – Wolf Appliance Company, a leading manufacturer of luxury cooking appliances, today unveiled the company's first dual fuel range, complete with the best of both cooking worlds—a gas cooktop and an electric oven. The dual fuel range affirms the company's commitment to developing innovative products that provide the latest cooking technology in a single multipurpose appliance.

"The Wolf dual fuel range blends the latest in appliance design, technology and beauty," said Jim Bakke, president and chief executive officer for Sub-Zero and Wolf. "It combines the same performance, control and power serious cooks expect from Wolf's ovens and cooktops."

The stainless steel dual fuel range will be available in four sizes and are scheduled to hit retail showrooms in 2003 as follows: a 36" single oven in the spring, a 48" double oven in the summer, a 60" double oven in the fall and a 30" single oven available in late fall. In total, the dual fuel unit will be available in 16 different size/feature configurations.

The dual fuel range's electric oven features Wolf's exclusive dual convection system that delivers even temperature and airflow throughout the range. Its two convection fans and four heating elements give the user convenience and superior control over eight different cooking modes. These modes include bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection and bake stone.

A unique feature is the oven's all-glass electronic control panel that is hidden to create a clean, minimalist look when not in use. The company's classic red knobs will still be available as well as optional black knobs; oven knobs feature a temperature readout for easy reach and control. With a simple turn of the wrist, the homeowner can set each and every cooking mode and temperature from a single control knob. As part of the knob, Wolf also designed the digital temperature readout to be easily viewed while cooking. The special door damper system on the range uses a hydraulic damper and spring to allow for perfectly smooth opening and closing. The full-extension bottom rack acts as a shelf, allowing easy access to food. The oven comes complete with Wolf's striking cobalt blue interior.

The patented dual-stacked burner design, unique to Wolf's gas cooktops, uses the upper-level burner for maximum heat transfer and the lower-level burner for simmering on all burners. The burners deliver up to 15,000 BTUs. The True Simmer feature allows for ultimate cooking flexibility: the user can cook below 200 degrees. The true melt feature also comes standard on one burner. All gas cooktops are equipped with an auto reignition system and include optional charbroiler, griddle and French Top modules. This latter feature allows the homeowner to cook several different food dishes at varying temperatures simultaneously.

Trim accessory options include knob bezels in brass, copper, satin or the standard chrome. Additional optional accessories include a 5" or 10" riser or a 20" riser with warming shelf. Product features include a triple-pane window, self-cleaning feature and halogen lighting.

Built by hand, every product is tested through the company's Quality Assurance Program to ensure ultimate quality control. With the industry's best warranty program, Wolf offers a two-year full warranty on parts and labor for the entire product and a five-year warranty on gas burners, electric heating elements, blower motors, electronic control boards and magnetron tube parts.

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