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Thermador® Gas & Electric Cooktops Lead the Market With Unique & Exclusive Features

(Orlando, FL January 11, 2006) As the quintessential American luxury appliance brand, Thermador continues to lead the industry with the most advanced and distinctive gas and electric cooktops. Building upon its reputation for numerous industry firsts, Thermador cooktops offer exclusive features such as the Star® Burner, ExtraLow® Simmer and ZoneSmart™ for unrivalled performance and the ultimate in functionality.

SGSX Gas Cooktop:
Similar to the brand's Professional Series collection of ranges and cooktops, Thermador's SGSX gas cooktop features the exclusive Star Burner and ExtraLow Simmer. In addition to these high performance capabilities, the SGSX offers a low profile, ergonomic control panel and beveled silver metallic dials. This design is intended to keep the heat from the burners away from the panel, allowing for maximum safety and keeping the area cool to the touch. The sturdy continuous cast iron grates make for effortless movement and sliding of pots from one burner to another. Available in white and porcelain coated steel, as well as stainless steel in a 30", 36" and 45" size.
Key features include:
  • Star® Burner: Thermador's exclusive 3-in-1 Star Burner features up to 15,000 BTUs for fast performance. The unique five-point design guides the flame along the fingers of the star, distributing heat more evenly to both the outer edges and to the center of the pan. Overall, there is 56% more flame spread compared to a circular burner. Each Star Burner also has single-point ignition for quieter operation and is sealed for easy cleaning.
  • ExtraLow® Simmer: The exclusive ExtraLow Simmer is a patented system that cycles the flame on and off while providing the broadest possible range of gentle temperature settings. As low as 200 BTUs, this system offers more precise simmering, eliminating both hot spots and scorching, and is perfect for melting chocolate or creating and holding delicate sauces. This also creates an ideal condition for cooking a cake using the burner instead of the oven.
  • Design: Thermador's cooktops provide the maximum usable space, allowing you to use all burners at one time and with a variety of cookware sizes. Low profile, single piece cast iron grates provide a continuous surface for easier movement of heavy pots and pans.
CET, CEP & CEF Electric Cooktops

Thermador's CET, CEP and CEF ceramic electric cooktops offer state-of-the-art performance and unmatched versatility. The CEF model features a signature stainless steel front frame that highlights the cooktop's elegant and clean lines. In addition, its design allows for seamless coordination with all other Thermador appliances. Thermador's electric cooktops are available in black and white, in 30", 36" and 45" models. Key features include:
  • ZoneSmart™: For the ultimate in convenience, this is a sophisticated system of pan sizing and sensing found in the CEP line. A sensor activates the appropriate number of zones in an element to match the pan size and recognizes when it has been removed from the cooktop surface, shutting off the element. ZoneSmart will also return the element to its previous setting if the pan is placed back on the cooktop.
  • Mono-Touch Control Panel: The CET, CEP and CEF feature Thermador's exclusive mono-touch control, a centrally located and easy-to-clean panel that provides direct access to all the elements. The home chef can easily activate an element with two simple steps one touch to select an element, and one touch to select the power level.
  • Triple Elements: All three models are the first electric cooktops to offer a triple element, along with a double and bridge element, for a total of nine cooking zones. This allows for greater flexibility in accommodating a variety of pan and pot sizes. Another Thermador first, each and every element includes a warming capability that keeps food at ready to serve temperatures, but utilizes only three percent of the overall wattage.

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