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SANYO Announces the World-First*1 Drum Type Washing Machine with 'Air Wash' Function

Tokyo, February 2, 2006 ---- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO), based on its new vision 'Think GAIA', and using 'tackle global environmental problems' as a keyword, is committed to businesses using water circulation and recycling technology applications. The 'AQUA', is a drum type washer/dryer that values the importance of water, by applying technology that has previously only been used in industrial products, to home use. With 'AQUA', which is the world's first*1 washer/dryer to utilize ozone, which enables 'reduction of water' and 'recycling of water', SANYO has broken away from conventional thinking and is offering a completely new cleaning technology.

Background and Aim behind Development:

Since the Kyoto Protocol has come into effect, the concern for environmental problems has risen, with initiatives to counter global warming such as 'Cool Biz', which was introduced last summer in Japan as an initiative for office workers to wear cooler clothes and have companies not lower the temperature of the Air Conditioners as much. In naming this product 'Aqua', SANYO tries to express its feelings about the environment- 'The water that we use isn't unlimited'; 'This washing machine values the importance of water ' - into this drum type washer/dryer,. SANYO forecasts the overall demand for washing machines in Japan for fiscal year 2005 at approx. 4.57 million units (a 102% increase compared to last year), and of this, the demand for fully automatic washing machines is approx. 4.28 million units (a 103% increase compared to last year) - about the same level of demand as last year. Conversely, the market for washer/dryers is approx. 1.2 million units (a 135% increase compared to last year), which captures about 28% of the fully automatic washing machines market. This implies one out of four customers that buy a fully automatic washer chooses a washer/dryer type. SANYO expects the washer/dryer market to expand along with the needs for diversification of washer/dryers types in the future.

1. World-First*1 Disinfecting & Deodorizing*3 using Ozone Function: 'Air Wash'
Conveniently eliminate bacteria and odors from difficult-to-wash clothing and small items at home by utilizing the power of Ozone.

There are many such cases in everyday life when items such as business suits or pillows etc. can't easily be cleaned in the house, or that catch smoke and other odors, but not to the extent to wash by water or send to the dry cleaning.
SANYO has achieved with 'AQUA', the world's first*1 'Air Wash' function that enables easy disinfection & deodorization *3 of clothes without using water, by utilizing the power of air at home. 'Air Wash', injects air combined with Ozone on the articles inside the drum, and is able to disinfect & deodorize*3 in about a 30 minute process. The Ozone that is injected inside the drum decomposes odors and bacteria and then goes back into the air. This washing machine is ideal for situations such as 1. Wanting to deodorize without washing, 2. Disinfect without washing, 3. Not wanting to wash the item right away, 4. Easily wash the item and 5. Cannot wash in water. Also it is shown to be effective for countering pollen and odors of pets. For clothing and small objects that would normally lose their shape with the tumbling action of the drum, this new washing machine enables operation by setting these items on a shelf inside the drum.

*1 As of February 2, 2006, with regards to home use drum-type washer/dryer
*2 Change the oxygen in the air to ozone, and eliminate bacteria and odors
*3 Tests conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories/ Testing methods agar plate cultural method, bacteria elimination using ozone

2. World-First*1 Purifying Water*4 using Ozone Function: 'Aqualoop'
Cleans the rinse water without disposal, enabling recycled use of the water, thus achieving the industry-best*5 water conservation (use approx. 50L of water).

SANYO's new washing machine stores water used in final rinsing in a storage tank and infuses ozone in micro-bubble form (very fine air bubbles) into it, disinfecting and cleaning the water. This thus allows the water to be reused without disposal, and is the World-first 'Aqualoop' function.

Since the purified water is used for laundry (washing), the new washing machine has successfully achieved the industry-best water conservation of approx. 50L of water. Furthermore, the purified water is also used for dehumidification when using the dryer function. Thus the large amount of tap water used till now during drying is not used at all. Hence the amount of water used for both washing and drying, is the same as that used during washing alone, thus making possible the industry-best 50L of water usage.

Also, since during the drying process, no tap water is used and instead a large amount of purified water, stored in the tank is used, SANYO has successfully significantly raised the drying efficiency. Owing to this, the operation time from washing to drying is an Industry-Best approx. 180 minutes.

*1 As of February 2, 2006, with regards to home use drum-type washer/dryer
*2. Change the oxygen in the air to ozone, and purify final rinse water
*3. As of February 2006, with regards to home use drum-type washer/dryer
3. Easy-to-use design learnt from the kitchen: 'Kitchen Work Style'
Incorporated ideal height while standing in this design.

Since this is a product to be used daily, SANYO tried to achieve the ideal height for tasks done while standing. The height of the center of the drum is approximately 85cm. the same as the most convenient height for working in the kitchen for women of average height.

Moreover, in addition to the right-side open type washing machine, SANYO has also made available the left-side open type washing machine*4 to match the needs of a wide range of customers, considering different types of their installation locations and usability.

*4. Only for (W) Pearl White Model

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