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Robertshaw Programmable Thermostat Facts

Programming Made Easy
Finally, a programmable thermostat that's easy to program. Similar to a cell phone, this programming style is so easy, you don't even need a manual. Intuitive menus take you step by step through the programming process.

The 9700i series thermostats also come with a trilingual programming option. Customer can set the display in English, Spanish or French for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. We've also included a valuable contractor feature. Our Contractor ID™ (identification) option allows you to program your name and phone number right in the display, reminding customers who to call the next time they need service.

Ease of Programming Plus
The new 9800i Series has all the features of the innovative 9700i Series with the addition of humidity sensing and control.*

When coupled to our outdoor sensor, the thermostat will automatically determine the optimal indoor humidity levels to minimize condensation on windows. A special humidity calibration feature allows for fine-tuning of the automatic sensing feature.

Elegantly Sophisticated
This series has it all. The Robertshaw 300 Deluxe Programmable thermostats offer state-of-the-art control for commercial and residential applications. Our sleek, flush-to-the-wall design houses feature-laden intelligence.

Standard features include Auto Changeover, Permanent Memory Retention during any type of power outage, 3-Hour Temporary Temperature Override and Smart Fan that allows selectable fan operation for each programming period.

The 300-227 and 300-229 also incorporate additional relays for the control of dampers or economizers, making them completely flexible for commercial applications. When you add it all up, the 300 Series from Robertshaw is truly in a class by itself.

Affordable Comfort Control
The 9600 Series are the perfect thermostats for affordable home temperature control. This series was engineered to meet the heating and cooling needs a busy lifestyle demands.

All models feature easy one button programming that can be set for both summer and winter at installation. Each thermostat will allow for temporary manual temperature adjustments.

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we offer immediate assistance for consumers with product questions. Our toll-free technical assistance number is printed right on the thermostat.

Go Beyond Digital
The 9550 Series thermostats come with auto changeover. This feature automatically switches between heating and cooling to maintain optimal comfort. Coupled with adjustable differentials, the series will automatically maintain a comfortable environment year round.

To enhance readability, the 9550 Series is equipped with a large back lit display. In addition, our illuminated LED system indicators clearly identify the heating or cooling cycle. Energy saving features such as residual heat/cool and temperature limiting set points are also included.

Go Digital
When it comes to non-programmable temperature control, we listened to the experts - YOU! The 9400 Series takes comfort to a new level. Our LCD display is up to 80% larger than competitive models. Plus, the display is back lit, making it even easier to read in a dark room.

The 9400 Series is loaded with features your customers will appreciate. Our 9400 model comes with a front load battery door, for no-hassle access to batteries. All models offer permanent winter and summer setpoint memory, allowing you to save both heating and cooling temperature settings. This eliminates temperature adjustments when switching systems for seasonal requirements. And our fully adjustable differential control provides increased comfort for the end user.

Thin is In
The 300 series thermostats represent a new level of sophistication and elegance in a compact package. These space saving units offer surprisingly advanced control capabilities. Use remote indoor sensors or monitor the outdoor air temperature. A set back button provides for alternate temperature settings for occupied/unoccupied periods.

LEDs are readily visible for quick verification of system status. The large LCD display is easy to read, allowing for easy monitoring of time (optional on some models) and temperature.

Digital Value
The 9500 Series is the clear alternative to traditional mechanical thermostats. This modern design provides attractive and consistent temperature control. Reading the temperature is easy and accurate with our large LCD display.

The 9500 and 9505 feature low temperature protection, which will automatically turn on the heat if the indoor temperature goes below 40F. All models feature an adjustable temperature differential to meet customer specific preferences.

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we offer immediate assistance for consumers with product questions. Our toll-free technical assistance number is printed right on the thermostat.

Pure and Simple
Our 9200 series thermostats are both attractive and functional. Four Robertshaw 9200 series thermostats can replace over 50 competitive models, so less inventory space is needed to meet each job requirement. In addition, the simple two-piece design saves time at installation.

The 200/400 series thermostats offer flexibility on site. The fully adjustable heat anticipator can be used on a wide range of heating equipment. A decorative wall plate is included to aid in covering previous thermostat mounting marks.

These mercury-free thermostats require no leveling, so there's no hassle, and no special disposal requirements.

Simply Reliable
It's what the industry has been looking for - a line voltage thermostat with the performance and accuracy of a low voltage control. The 800 series are mercury-free, and can retrofit most existing electric heat thermostats .

The 900 series thermostats are made up of a simple two-piece design, and our large display offers accurate room temperature measurement. Wall plates are also available to mask any unsightly marks left by previous thermostats.

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