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Reznor® NEW model RV Venturion™ series

Reznor® NEW model RV Venturion™ series used-oil-fired unit heaters are available in two sizes:

  • RV225
  • RV325 

These used-oil-fired heaters are designed to burn used oil but will also burn no. 2 fuel oils without adjustment.  The used oil must be no heavier than 50 weight and not lighter than no. 2 fuel oil.

The heater is shipped from the factory as illustrated, with the warm air discharge on the front.  To adapt the heater to a building, the discharge opening may be moved to the rear or divided between front and rear.

The air atomizing burner provides excellent flame retention.  Air for atomization of the oil is provided by an onboard piston-type compressor.  An oil preheating system (U.S. patent no. 5,080,579) heats the oil, maintaining it at a temperature required for atomization but preventing nozzle after-drip.  The burner has electric spark ignition and an electronic cad-cell flame safety system with manual reset.  The blower control prevents cold air discharge at start-up and provides continued warm air while the unit is hot after burner shutdown. The safety limit control protects the heater from high temperatures caused by an airflow restriction or motor failure.

Model RV225 is equipped with a direct drive blower and motor and is capable of handling up to .25" w.c. of external static pressure.  Model RV325 is equipped with an adjustable belt drive motor and blower and will handle up to .5" w.c. of external static pressure.  All Model RV units may be connected to ductwork.  Both units have a blower inlet guard; model RV325 has a belt guard.  The remote fuel pump mounted on or near the oil supply tank is part of a positive pressure supply system providing a precisely metered flow of oil to the heater.  This positive displacement pump produces a stable flame under a wide range of operating parameters and allows up to 60 ft of supply line with a 15 ft lift.  A fuel line filter with a disposable strainer, a vacuum gauge, and a foot valve are provided for installation in the line that runs from the supply tank to the fuel pump.

Reznor® Venturion™ used-oil-fired unit heaters are engineered to facilitate maintenance procedures required when burning used oil.  Model RV units feature a heavy gauge, single passage combustion chamber/heat exchanger with full diameter access at both ends.  There is a large, easily removable service panel at the exhaust end and a hinged service panel at the burner end.  To "swing out" the burner service panel, you need only disconnect a single cable connection and remove two bolts.

This new Reznor® used-oil-fired Venturion™ model RV heater is designed with the proven features of other Reznor® used-oil fired products PLUS many new features -- proof that the best can get better!

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