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LG Adds Steam Technology To Laundry Line

Chicago What LG Electronics touted as the world's first washing system to incorporate steam technology was debuted to the trade last month at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, held here at McCormick Place.

The manufacturer says its SteamWasher, replete with remote monitoring capability, cleans clothes better and decreases wrinkles while reducing water and energy costs compared with traditional washing machines.

"LG delivers laundry products with advanced features and options that enhance consumers' every day lives, providing new technological innovations not previously available," said Soon Kwon, president of digital appliances for LG Electronics USA. "With the addition of our SteamWasher, LG will not only improve washing performance and save energy, but will change the way people think about clothing care."

The latest addition to LG's laundry portfolio is an ultra-large capacity unit that incorporates a steam generator, representing an entirely new concept in home clothing care. The steam can be incorporated via a 20-minute SteamFresh cycle, which uses the power of steam to reduce wrinkles and refresh clothing without the use of water or detergent. Consumers can also opt to combine steam with a hot- or warm-water wash cycle. In traditional front-loading washers, water pools in the bottom portion of the machine and clothes rotate in and out of this area during the wash process. With the infusion of steam, LG says, clothes are continuously being cleaned throughout the cycle.

The SteamWasher also features one of the largest capacity drums in the industry, at 4.0 cubic feet, and also boasts one of the fastest spin speeds at 1,320 rpm, while still offering quiet operation. Sporting a menu-driven control panel with blue LCD screen, the SteamWasher offers multilingual options English, French and Spanish eliminating potential language barriers. The unit's matching dryer features dual humidity sensors, which more accurately detect dampness even in small loads helping to ensure that clothes are not damp or "overheated" at the end of a cycle.

The SteamWasher line is also designed to work with LG's remote monitoring system. The system allows consumers to monitor cycle progress and remaining time on the washing, refreshing and drying cycles from other locations within the home. The system utilizes power line communication (PLC) technology and works by plugging the monitor into any electrical outlet within the home.

The LG SteamWasher line is available now in a white and midnight-blue finish at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $1,499 to $1,599 for the washer, and $1,049 to $1,199 for the dryer. The LG Remote Monitoring Laundry accessory package is available for $99.

In an interview, Kwon told TWICE that "2006 will be another big year for us. We're growing like crazy in the United States, and thanks to our vertical integration as a CE and appliance company, we will work to bring consumers and our retail partners more new products and more innovation than any of our competitors." 

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