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Invensys Controls Introduces Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Monox Sensing Technology

Firex® 12000 Provides Greater Protection Against Two Hazards Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carol Stream, Illinois, USA July 2005 Invensys Controls today introduced a new Firex® combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that incorporates advanced electrochemical sensing CO technology and the industry's first true gas-sensor testing feature.

The Firex 12000 alarm features the Monox® Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics. This exclusive feature provides a higher level of protection due to its unique self-testing capability, which verifies that the carbon monoxide sensor is working properly and warns when the sensor is nearing the end of its service life.

Invensys debuted the Monox technology in its Firex brand alarms this spring with the launch of the Firex 10000 CO alarm family. The company is now expanding the platform to its combination unit with plans to utilize it in other products as well.

"We are pleased to be bringing the most state-of-the-art technology in CO sensing to a combination alarm that protects homeowners against two deadly threats," said Kathy Ellington, Invensys Controls' Marketing Director - Safety.

Single Unit Reduces Costs

Electrical contractors benefit from the Firex® 12000 because it satisfies most building code requirements for fire and CO protection with a single unit, reducing installation costs.

A single unit that protects against two hazards also appeals to homeowners because it is more attractive in a home, and easier and less expensive to install.

The Firex 12000 is fully interconnectable with most Firex smoke, CO and heat alarms using a single interconnect wire, which eliminates the need for additional wires or brackets.

An exclusive feature of the Firex 12000 is an interconnect test that alarms the local unit first and then quiets it while other remote units sound.

Contractor Benefits

Key features of the Firex 12000 include:

  • Monthly Self-Test Alarm performs a silent internal system test to verify Monox® sensor operation. By pressing a test button, homeowners can also activate this fail-safe feature that notifies when the sensor is nearing the end of its service life.
  • Quick Connect Wiring Harness Makes it easy and quick to upgrade existing Firex alarms with the 7000 Combo or move alarms in the residence. The unit shares the standard Firex AC/DC mounting brackets and wire harness.
  • Pre-installed batteries and the exclusive Powerlink Tab™ Keeps batteries fully charged until the residence is occupied, reducing callbacks due to battery failure and eliminating battery handling during installation. A front load battery door allows for convenient battery replacement.
  • Dust Cover Protects sensors from dust, dirt, fumes or other common construction contaminants that can contribute to false alarms and callbacks until the job is complete.
The Firex 12000 is available in a 120V AC direct wire with battery back-up and battery-only option.

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