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(January 2005) San Antonio, Texas Friedrich Air Conditioning Company announces the launch of a new digital PTAC for 2005. The new Friedrich ultimate PTAC is up to 10% quieter than previous Friedrich models and has improved overall sound quality. Plus, smart features like "Quiet Start/Stop Fan Delay" which muffles transitional compressor start-up noise, go even farther to maximize the guest experience. Hotel guests agree. Travelers rated Friedrich's new PTAC the quietest* among five top competitive models. The new Friedrich PTAC was rated a full 15% better than the next best unit on sound quality. More hotel guests said they would "definitely sleep very well" in the room with the new Friedrich unit than with the other four competitors. And, Friedrich received twice as many votes for "best appearance" than the next best scoring unit.

Friedrich's new PTAC is feature rich with top-of-the-line engineered capabilities like one-touch operation, internal diagnostics, remote thermostat operation, wireless remote control (ready), emergency heat override, electronic defrost control, room freeze protection, electronic temperature limiting, service error code storage and filtered fresh air intake - just to name a few. Thoughtful details like top-mounted filters, a single motor design and aluminum end plates improve serviceability and durability. And, hotel owners and operators will appreciate the new digital temperature readout with built-in features like separate, adjustable heat and cool limits which allow more precise temperature control for energy cost savings.

The Friedrich PTAC comes with an antimicrobial-treated air filter for protection against fungal and bacterial growth. Eighty percent of hotel guests surveyed indicated that indoor air quality is "very important" to them. Even more, 88%, said they would "definitely stay" or be "more likely to stay" at a property that had antimicrobial-treated filters on its PTAC units. Friedrich was the first manufacturer to offer this advantage and remains one of only two who offer it today.

According to Brian Campbell, Vice President, Marketing, for Friedrich, "This PTAC is unique because of the features package it offers hotel owners and operators. Surprisingly, Friedrich is able to offer this product at the same pricing levels as many competitors' products that have fewer features. Our engineers have designed a unit that allows the hospitality industry to offer maximum guest comfort while maintaining a tighter control over operating expenses. The new Friedrich PTAC is like a free upgrade and hotel guests appear to agree."

The Friedrich PTAC fits competitors' sleeves for easy replacement and units are shipped individually palletized to reduce the risk of shipping damage. For qualified new construction jobs, Friedrich also offers a unique installation start-up program to ensure that all equipment is properly installed and operating before a building is complete. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, the new Friedrich digital PTAC offers the whole package: features, digital controls, quieter operation, competitive pricing, start-up assistance, and attractive design.

Founded in 1883, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a partner in the ENERGY STAR® program, manufactures room air conditioners, single package vertical air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners, thru-the-wall air conditioners, ductless split systems, wall-mounted air conditioners, electronic air cleaners and dehumidifiers.

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