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Fedders® Compact 13 SEER Ultra Quiet Central Air Conditioners are Among the Smallest on the Market

Liberty Corner, NJ (January 2006) — Fedders Corporation (NYSE: FJC) will showcase its line of ultra-quiet and compact 13 SEER high efficiency series central air conditioning products at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago, Illinois, January 23-25.  Featuring a high-end appliance finish, the 13 SEER models meet all 2006 energy efficiency requirements and are rated in accordance with all DOE and ARI test standards, making them perfect for the builder, while saving consumers money.

Fedders' complete line of 13 SEER unitary split air conditioning systems, from 1.5 to 5 tons, are ideally sized for slab or rooftop mounting in single or multifamily homes and light commercial applications. The unitary split air conditioning systems are part of the company's total comfort solution that incorporates Fedders' high standards for quality, durability and value into its broad product offering for residential and replacement markets.

"Fedders sets the standards for ducted air conditioning products throughout the world and is the single-source solution for air treatment product needs," said Todd Duckwitz, Director, Global Product Planning, Ducted Products. "We make it easy for our customers to purchase the full range of quality air treatment products with the best value."

While most competitors are increasing the size of their units to meet the industry's 13 SEER efficiency requirements, Fedders is maintaining, in most capacity sizes, a similar footprint.  This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art condenser coils that require less space and use approximately 30% less refrigerant. For the average distributor, transportation and storage of new 13 SEER units can increase costs dramatically, but the smaller Fedders units require fewer truckloads and less inventory space, reducing this rise in costs. The new 13 SEER central air conditioners have some of the smallest footprints in the industry, so they are highly economical to transport, warehouse and install, saving distributors thousands of dollars.

Boasting quiet, top air discharge, large wrap-around coil surface, state-of-the-art compressors for greater efficiency and an easy access control box, Fedders' cooling systems also feature an exterior cabinet coated with 1,000-hour salt spray polyester finish for enhanced durability, and an exceptional high gloss décor powder coating to protect against rust, making the unit easy to clean and maintain.  The product's new louvered jacket offers greater coil protection against potential damage from debris, rocks thrown from the lawnmower or stray baseballs, with a removable top grille for easy serviceability.

Other features include:

  • Formed basepan rails that elevate the unit 2 1/2" above the slab
  • Factory-installed liquid line filter dryer
  • Fully charged for up to 25' of tubing length
  • Brass suction and discharge service valve with sweat connections
  • Permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, PSC motor
  • Service valves positioned for quick installation and service
  • Copper tube aluminum fin coil construction

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