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Emerson Appliance Solutions Core Offerings

Emerson Appliance Solutions doesn't specialize in one small part of a customer's appliance line we specialize in all of them. With eight industry-leading divisions serving five main platforms Cooking, Dishwasher, Laundry and Refrigeration and Water Heaters we tailor our best-in-class solutions specifically to customers' needs. In short, we make the components that make our customers' products work.

Emerson Key Platforms

Our product offering includes motors, fans, electric and electromechanical controls, pumps, water valves, gas valves, ignition systems and more. Along with purchasing, operations, sales and customer service, whichever sector of appliance manufacturing you specialize in, Emerson Appliance Solutions
is the one company you can turn to for a broad range of products and services.

Industry Expertise
The industry leadership of Emerson Appliance Solutions
is evidenced by our long-standing position as the world's largest supplier of motors for leading washer and dryer manufacturers. Our state-of-the-art components and services are also utilized by leading manufacturers of cooking, dishwashing and refrigeration appliances.

A recent development by InSinkErator
® in this market is the first waste disposer designed and engineered to meet the unique food waste disposal requirements of customer homes connected to septic tank systems. Every time the Septic Disposer is operated, it automatically injects an exclusive Bio-Charge®
Enzyme Treatment from an easily replaceable cartridge. Millions of these natural enzymes go to work immediately, right in the disposer's grind chamber, to start breaking down food waste before it enters the septic tank. Once in your septic tank, the enzymes continue digesting both food and household waste. In this way, the food waste load is essentially neutralized and the accumulation of solids is actually reduced.

Superior Technology
Emerson is investing over 600 million dollars annually towards technology and engineering development. Emerson Appliance Solutions will leverage these resulting technological innovations to produce the most advanced appliance products.

Our customers benefit from Emerson Appliance Solutions' industry-revolutionizing products such as our:

  • Modular Temperature ControllerTM (MTC), an electronic temperature control system that replaces traditional electromechanical controls
  • Electronics, for both electric and gas water heaters including IntelliventTM system with built in Diagnostics to assist the consumer
  • EC fan motor, which meets the high-efficiency requirements of modern refrigeration applications
  • InSinkErator® Disposers, the world's leading manufacturer of food waste disposal systems, including the first system engineered with exclusive, waste-digesting Bio-Charge® Enzyme Treatment, for use with residential septic tanks

These and other innovations enable our customers to introduce the most advanced, reliable and energy-efficient appliances to the global marketplace.

Global Presence
One of the divisions in the Emerson Appliance Solutions organization is headquartered in Europe and is a market leader in its field, bringing Emerson's knowledge and expertise in the appliance industry to the international market.

Emerson Appliance Motors Europe (EAME), with headquarters located outside of the town of Asti in northern Italy, is Europe's leading independent supplier of commutator motors for washing machines and asynchronous motors for dryers and dishwashers. EAME is also a global leader in drain pumps for the appliance market. By continuing to invest resources in capacity and variable speed technology, EAME is well positioned for growth in the global marketplace into this century

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