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Two Bryant Products Earn Consumer Digest Best Buy

INDIANAPOLIS Upholding their reputation for superior and consumer friendly products, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, a leading provider of home comfort solutions for over one hundred years, recently received a prestigious Consumers Digest Best Buy award for its Bryant Evolution™ Plus 90i™ Gas Furnace and its Evolution™ 288A Heat Pump.

Best Buys were selected on the basis of the following factors: energy efficiency, noise levels, features, and the manufacturer's reputation for reliability. "This distinction is a true testament to the entire company whose 'Whatever It Takes' motto is a driving force in every aspect of our business. We are thrilled to have received this great honor," said Kevin Dudash, Bryant brand manager.

Department of Energy statistics report that by upgrading to a furnace with a minimum 95 Annual Fuel Utilization Energy (AFUE) rating, homeowners can cut heating bills by an average of 15 percent per season. The Bryant Evolution Plus 90i boasts a record setting 96.6 AFUE rating, ensuring consumers that, in addition to financial savings, the maximum amount of heat is going into their home.

The Bryant Evolution 288A Heat Pump is an ultra-efficient unit with up to an 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, far above the industry minimum of 13 SEER. This high ratio directly benefits the consumer by reducing energy requirements and long-term high-energy costs.

Both units feature PerfectHumidity™ technology, an innovative humidity management function that allows the homeowner to maintain perfect comfort in the home. They are also equipped with PerfectHeat™ technology, which is a two-stage system that enables the unit to switch from high and low heating modes depending on outdoor temperatures. At start up, low-stage heating circulates warm air into the living space. As outdoor temperatures become more extreme, high-stage heating provides a boost when extra heat is needed.

As part of Bryant's Hybrid Heat™ system, the gas furnace is paired with a heat pump, giving consumers the ability to use gas or electricity for their heating fuel, whichever is more efficient for the weather and fuel cost conditions in their area.

The consumer is the biggest factor in regulating home heating, and, in turn, home heating bills. With Bryant's user-friendly Evolution™ Control, which is designed for use with the Bryant Evolution Plus 90i Gas Furnace and Evolution 288A heat pump, homeowners can regulate temperature, humidity, air flow, ventilation, indoor air quality and zoning through a single control. They can enjoy longer heating cycles at lower fan speeds, which means energy savings and more consistent temperatures throughout the home. Other features include preventative maintenance reminders that pop up on the thermostat's LED screen, which makes scheduling service calls very convenient for the homeowner. A remote access option also lets the consumer issue commands to the system from outside the home, either via internet or telephone. As an added bonus, consumers who purchase this high efficiency Bryant product as part of a new heating and cooling system may be eligible for additional savings in the form of a government tax credit of up to $500.

The Consumers Digest Best Buy rating is awarded, on average, to fewer than three percent of the competing models in any given product category. The Premium Selection for the Bryant Evolution Plus 90i Gas Furnace indicates that this unit is not only of superior quality but also full featured and value priced. This recognition of outstanding value further validates Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems' long standing tradition of excellence in both business and philosophy.

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