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Bosch Completes the Kitchen By Introducing its First-Ever Freestanding Counter-Depth Refrigeration

New Evolution™ Refrigerators Blend In With Adjacent Cabinetry Offering More Versatility in Kitchen Designs

(Chicago, IL April 21, 2006) Premium appliance manufacturer Bosch introduces its first-ever refrigeration line at the 2006 Kitchen & Bath Show (K/BIS). With the addition of the Evolution™ Refrigerator, a complete Bosch kitchen is now available for consumers, enabling them to match their cooking, dishwasher and laundry. These counter-depth refrigerators include color matched sides and hidden door hinges that beautifully create a built-in look that is affordable. And like all Bosch appliances, they offer clean European styling, ease-of-use and quiet operation.

Proven by its ENERGY STAR® rating, Evolution Refrigerators are also extremely energy efficient. Sensors in the refrigerator and freezer constantly measure the interior temperature to provide consistent cooling and aid in controlling the frequency of the defrost cycle. Unlike other models that run on a timed schedule, the defrost cycle will only activate when needed. Other energy-saving features include an exterior temperature control, which allows you to make adjustments without opening the door, and a covered condenser, which prevents dirt and dust build-up and allows the refrigerator to operate more efficiently.

"We are excited to complete the Bosch kitchen with the introduction of Evolution Refrigeration at this year's K/BIS show," said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO. "The Evolution Refrigerators give designers and consumers more reliability and diversity when creating or remodeling a kitchen, especially if other Bosch appliances are being utilized."

With hidden door hinges, color matched sides, and spill proof interior glass shelving, the Evolution stands alone as one of the most high performance refrigeration systems on the market today. Unique features such as SUPERCOOL ™/ SUPERFREEZE™ enable users to quickly chill warm foods by dropping the interior temperature to the lowest possible setting. Once this temperature has been reached, the refrigerator or freezer will then automatically return to its original setting. External color-matched dispenser comes with a water filter reset and child lock. Evolution refrigerators provide abundant storage flexibility by including adjustable shelving, two gallon storage bins, and a three large drawer storage system. Beginning in July 2006, Evolution Refrigerators will be available in stainless steel, stainless look (500 Series only), black or white finishes with an MSRP ranging from $1949 - $2449.

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