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Industry Notification Of High Temperature Plastic Vent (HTPV) Systems

Bard products affected: IH, IL, IC, ISG and MPG gas furnaces vented with HTPV.

The U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and many gas furnace and boiler manufacturers jointly announced a Corrective Action Program (CAP) on February 24, 1998. This program covers high temperature plastic vent (HTPV) systems that may have been installed with certain models of furnaces and boilers. The CPSC press release on HTPV, Release # 98-072 dated February 24, 1998.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - November 7, 2005. CPSC announces withdrawal of manufacturer of Ultravent® brand plastic heat pipe from Corrective Action Program.

The plastic vent pipes subject to this program are black in color with the brand name of Plexvent® or Plexvent II® or gray in color with the brand name of Ultravent®. The pipe fittings may be black, gray, amber, or a combination of colors. These pipes and fittings have been installed since September of 1987. If an installation has white plastic pipe made of polyvinyl chloride, marked "PVC" or "CPVC", it is not affected by this program. Metal pipes are also not affected by this program.

Bard Manufacturing Company is a participating manufacturer in the CAP along with approximately 30 other manufacturers of furnaces, boilers, and HTPV suppliers. Americall Group, Inc. in St. Louis, MO, is handling all administration of the CAP.

There are three different facets to the program:Wholesaler Program: Wholesalers nationwide are being invited to participate in the CAP. As a participating wholesaler, installers will be referred directly to you. Only participating wholesalers will be given special, reduced program price offered by Field Controls and Tjernlund Products.

To register as a participating wholesaler, please call
1-800-301-5796. This is a special number for the registration of wholesalers.
Installer Program: Installers nationwide are being invited to participate in the CAP. Participating installer's names will be given to consumers who have been determined to have eligible installations for the CAP. The consumer will then have the elective choice of installer(s) in their general geographic area.

Installers can find out more about becoming a registered installer by calling 1-800-619-2265.
Consumer Program: The CAP will replace the HTPV system for all eligible installations even if no cracking or separation has occurred. The HTPV will be replaced with metal pipe. Additionally, a power venter will be installed on eligible furnaces. For consumers with Plexvent® or Plexvent II® the work will be done without cost to the consumer by a professional contractor who has registered with the CAP. Consumers with Ultravent® pipes are required to pay the portion that Falcon (Hart and Cooley) had agreed to pay, which is equal to about 40% of the total replacement cost.
A typical installation this cost would be between $230-$250 per installation.

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